LIVE LIKE LIZ is a project dedicated to filming those who, like Liz Daley, have a thirst for adventure and a desire to help others. Liz was an extraordinary soul who lifted others up into the mountains. She broke barriers in a world where she heard "you can't" more than "you can". Her generosity was only limited by her premature passing from this world, but her legacy continues.

 LIVE LIKE LIZ legacy is carried on by the Liz Rocks Foundation which has established scholarships to help underrepresented youth explore the outdoors the way Liz did. They have also raised the funds necessary to build a rock climbing wall in Liz's hometown's most-visited park for all to come to try their hand at reaching new heights. The Liz Rocks foundation continues to grow and bring community members together to support outdoor adventure in honor of a gone but not forgotten friend. Several other scholarships and grants keep the LIVE LIKE LIZ Legacy alive through organizations like the American Alpine Institute, AMGA, Jones Snowboards, and SheJumps. We aim to capture the ripple affect her spirit had on the outdoor industry and those she left behind.

 By supporting the LIVE LIKE LIZ Project, you show the world you have heart and compassion, support the pioneering spirit of women in the outdoors, and support the next generation of explorers.

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