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Live Like Liz Mission

Live Like Liz is dedicated to the amazing life of our dear friend Liz Daley who was taken from us in an avalanche in Argentina on September 29, 2014. 

Liz Love

This will be the home for everyone to post their loving memories, fabulous pictures and touching moments shared with Liz Daley.

Give Like Liz

We're in the process of setting up some amazing projects to benefit all that love the outdoors as much as Liz did. Stay tuned!

A Celebration of Life


Some Words from Davide De Masi, Liz's fiancé

Liz and I right after I proposed to her

Liz and I right after I proposed to her

To capture the essence of Liz Daley, the first thing that comes to mind for many of us is her incredibly brilliant and heart-warming smile. Out of all the beautiful and unique things she provided this world, the most precious are the tenderness and feeling of serenity that her presence provided each and every one us. I’ve heard so many people describe how deeply she touched and inspired them even if they had only met once. This fact, and the deep and unbreakable bonds she has developed with her friends and loved ones is a testament to her truly remarkable ability to spread love on this planet and share her incredible passion for life and the mountains. She was a true Angel.


Have some Liz Love? Drop it like it's hot right here because we love hearing your Liz stories! 

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